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C# Operating System??

I’d always thought that Singularity might make an interesting managed-code virtual appliance alternative to a Mono-deployment on a JeOS distro, however the license makes this idea a non-starter. Two promising alternatives exist:  Cosmos - there is a chunk of work yet to be completed – however I like the lego metaphor! See the Virtual PC example (for an earlier Cosmos build) here. SharpOS – […]

Linux JeOS variants under Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual Server and Virtual PC

So I’ve been looking at the various Just Enough OS (JeOS) options that are optimized for virtualization purposes - primarily to see what currently works under the MS VHD-based virtualization hosts (who knows about Windows 7 though…), using Virtual PC 2007 as the compatibility baseline. I’ve also taken Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0 out for a spin on some […]

Instructibles is a show-and-tell of all kinds of stuff – including hacks, tech & geek stuff, even cooking. Worth a look – LOL as are the comments which quickly identify the “my hand caught fire using this approach” types of issues.

Blubber Bot

If you thought the floating camera named “god’s little toy” sounded pretty funky in William Gibson’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties” - check out the Blubber Bot Robotic Inflatable Make Kit on O’Reilly’s Maker Shed. Sure, no camera on the stock unit, but probably achievable…

The thing about warranties is…

you sometimes need them! I noticed some machine check warnings “Machine Check Event reported is a memory hierarchy error” in the event log on my freshly modded notebook. They’d been occurring since I first purchased the unit: As far as I could tell using the AMD tool, it looked like there was something wrong with […]

Notebook graphics-card upgrade

On one of those spur-of-the-moment things, I purchased an Acer Aspire 5520g in the new year with dedicated nVidia 8400m G graphics – it was at sale price and had most of the features I was looking for. The following week however, I realised that I had purchased an expensive slideshow viewer when the thing came anywhere near […]