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C# Operating System??

I’d always thought that Singularity might make an interesting managed-code virtual appliance alternative to a Mono-deployment on a JeOS distro, however the license makes this idea a non-starter. Two promising alternatives exist:  Cosmos - there is a chunk of work yet to be completed – however I like the lego metaphor! See the Virtual PC example (for an earlier Cosmos build) here. SharpOS – […]

Linux JeOS variants under Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual Server and Virtual PC

So I’ve been looking at the various Just Enough OS (JeOS) options that are optimized for virtualization purposes - primarily to see what currently works under the MS VHD-based virtualization hosts (who knows about Windows 7 though…), using Virtual PC 2007 as the compatibility baseline. I’ve also taken Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0 out for a spin on some […]