Instructibles is a show-and-tell of all kinds of stuff – including hacks, tech & geek stuff, even cooking. Worth a look – LOL as are the comments which quickly identify the “my hand caught fire using this approach” types of issues.

Blubber Bot

If you thought the floating camera named “god’s little toy” sounded pretty funky in William Gibson’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties” - check out the Blubber Bot Robotic Inflatable Make Kit on O’Reilly’s Maker Shed. Sure, no camera on the stock unit, but probably achievable…

WorldWide Telescope

Microsoft Research have produced a cool tool called WorldWide Telescope. If astronomy is remotely of interest, take a look at . I’ve hooked my laptop up to the TV and taken my daughter on some of the tours that people have created. If you have a guided scope, it also supports ASCOM for slewing to […]